Mikhail carved his name into the wall that surrounds Auburnwood City, but he did it in a place no one has found yet.


Full of energy and an insatiable thirst for adventure, Mikhail has been stuck in Auburnwood City for his entire life. As a center of trade, Auburnwood sees a lot of the outside world, but this simply isn't good enough for little Mikhail.

Bundi really likes collecting leaves.


Usually quiet and shy, Bundi was raised in the woods by his older brother Mundi. He can be quick to anger however; and that can sometimes result in an alarming release of energy that has a seemingly endless source from within.

Mom used to make weapons and shields for an army.


Mikhail's mom is a very talented blacksmith and extremely loving mother who is simply doing the best that she can. She might be a little bit overbearing and protective, but it's for the best.

Johann actually co-owns the store with U'taud


A good friend of Mikhail and his mom, Johann runs an exotic goods and general store in Auburnwood City. Whether you need a pound of flour or a pinch of sand from the Shiddi Desert, Johann can probably accomodate you.

LeSaul really enjoys spicy food and sour drinks.


A famous explorer and one of the highest-ranking members of the Adventurer's Club, LeSaul is known far and wide for his many discoveries of ancient locales and hidden treasures. Mikhail greatly admires him and wishes to be like him someday.

Russel is closely related to a Tuber.


Beyond the walls of the city and deep inside Auburnwood Forest, the Musari live happy and peaceful until they are set upon by the terrifying tree-beast. Russel begs Mikhail for his assistance from freeing them of its constant horror.

At restaurants, Kugel and Klinge always tip 20% regardless.

Kugel and Klinge

A sword wielder and a sharp shooter ask Mikhail and Bundi for their help in recovering something from Frogoblin Temple. Mikhail trusts them but Bundi doesn't. Who's intuition is right?

Mundi makes a very nice berry cake, Bundi's favorite food.


Bundi's older brother has taken care of him ever since their parents met a terrible end. He's well-read and extremely knowledgeable, but his insistance at not leaving the forest means there are some mysteries he'll never be able to solve.

Pell lost her tooth when Gaff accidentally dropped a spanner off of the roof.


A rather foul-tempered young girl who works at the junkyard in Eventide Valley. Well, she may appear foul-tempered, but if you had the same number of jerks break into your scrapyard you'd be pretty unfriendly to strangers too.

Gaff is a hopeless romantic but has never been on a single date.


Pell's older brother and second in command in the junkyard. He's a bit more friendly and creative-minded than Pell, but also quite a bit more dense.

Rutt loves making food for people more than fixing things. And he *LOVES* fixing things.


Pell and Gaff's father and ownder of the junkyard. He's extremely kind and welcoming to newcomers, even if that kindness and trust aren't always returned. He loves his children and his children love him back, even if they all get on each other's nerves at times!

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